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  • What will 2014 bring for your Garden?

    Posted on 20/01/14 by in Blog

    2014 is a great year for plenty of plants in the UK. There will be no lack of water or moderate temperatures, so you can expect to grow hearty vegetables and fruits well. Although the winter has not been as cold as expected, it isn’t a particularly exciting time for gardening. Many fruits and plants have survived where they may not have in colder seasons. So what should you expect this year? 2014 should start out with much of the same weather you’ve been experiencing. Rainfall is expected to be above average, and temperatures may be chillier than normal. Covering plants this year is important as well. And, of course, there are lots of new plants for you to try this year, too.


    January, February, and March Forecasts

    In the UK, the next three months are expected to be colder than usual in the north, with the south finding a reprieve. Southern Britain may have cold nights and can expect limited frosts in January, but the Scottish Mountains and Pennines can expect snow. Overall, it looks like January will bring high levels of precipitation and chilly temperatures. Because of the chilly weather, you may want to bring in potted plants and cover plants just starting to grow outside. The average maximum temperature for January usually falls around 6.9 degrees Celsius, although in 2014 it’s suspected that nights will go below freezing.





    In February, you can expect an average monthly temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit, or 7.2 Celsius. You shouldn’t see any freezing days, since the average tends to be 1.1. The amount of sunshine is on the rise, with 74.3 hours on average in February. This year, it’s likely that there will be more rain than usual, so you should make sure not to let your gardens flood.

    March is normally a great month to start planting and working with crops, since the average temperature is 9.8 degrees Celsius and it doesn’t normally fall below 2.6, allowing plants to avoid freezing during the night. March is expected to have plenty of sunshine hours, with 107.6 on average. March is also a rainy month, with more rain on average than February. Because of this, make sure your plants won’t be flooded out and create a place for extraneous puddles to drain.


    New Vegetables for 2014


    You may see some new plants out this year. Some of the newer favourites, like the Karmen onion, will grow well in the UK’s conditions. For patio gardens, the tomato plant is still a favourite. It grows low to the ground, so you don’t have to worry as much about stabilizing the plant.

    Other new fruits and veggies available this year include the sweet pepper “Mama Mia Giallo” and the cucumber “Pick a Bushel” by Burpee. This cucumber was designed to stand up to harsh northern climates, so expect it to grow well. The cucumbers are ideal for either salads or pickling.


    Programmes on BBC


    Gardening is becoming more and more popular. This year, you can see a number of great programs on TV that help you learn and plant beautiful flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The Great British Garden Revival will be airing on BBC TWO, and you can catch Monty Don’s French Gardens on BBC TWO as well. You can also watch the A to Z of TV Gardening, which explores subjects each episode based on the letter of the alphabet.


    Environmental News


    This year, you should be on the lookout for flooding. 2014 is expected to bring floods with the high tides on the coasts. Rain is likely, and the season is expected to be colder than usual.


    Popular flowers for 2014 


    Get ready for colour! This year, radiant orchid is the Pantone colour of the year. That means purples and lavenders will be common throughout the UK. A couple of other popular flowers at the Chelsea Flower Show included the Forsythia Gold Mine, Gold Dust rosemary, and Carrot Dara, a carrot with a flower in a dark shade of purple.


    Great Dixter Gardens, Sussex, England (1 of 23) | A vibrant, dyn



    If you are looking for more Stylish Ideas for your Garden for 2014, then check out our previous blog post here.

    That’s what you can expect for the first three months of 2014. The Chelsea Flower Show has brought about a grouping of new, brilliantly coloured flowers to add to your garden in purples and yellows, so it will look stunning. High tides will add to the rain of the season, so remember to watch your plants during the early growing season. Greenhouses and patio gardens may be best suited to this colder-than-normal growing season. The sun will be out to warm the ground on and off throughout February and March. You can expect the ground to be moist and easy to work with because of the rains, so you should be able to plant easily. Hardy varieties of plants are ideal this year, especially coming back from the harsh drought of 2013′s summer. Keeping these things in mind, you should have a profitable growing season.

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