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  • How to Improve Your Garden For Less

    Posted on 21/01/14 by in Blog


    The year has begun, and you want to overhaul your garden, replacing withered flowers with new and beautiful ones but don’t have enough. Maintaining a beautiful garden can be a costly activity to an average homeowner. However, this does not mean that you need to break your bank or spend up to the last coin of in your pocket on your garden makeovers. There are many ways you can make your garden awesome without spending a lot of money.


    Here are a few creative ways you can improve the look of your garden, spend less, and save more.

    Go for lasting flowers and plants: Beautiful gardens are usually expensive to maintain, as they beautiful flowers are costly to buy and maintain. In addition, they are short-term and will require you to replace more often. Since your pocket is not as heavy, you can carefully select the best lasting plants and flowers that will not only improve the look of your garden, but also last longer. For year round beauty, perennial plants and flowers are the best, so make sure to purchase more of them, as this is the one of the best ways of avoiding a costly budget.


    Buy during off-season


    Plants and flowers tend to have higher prices when the season begins. Therefore, it is strongly advisable not to buy your plants and flowers during this time of the year. The best season to plan for your purchase is the fall. This is the time you can plant nurseries or get flowers and plants at discounted prices across the market.

    However, you should be careful when buying your plants at this time, as most plants may not survive the harsh weather. Check the roots of the plants at the base of the container and verify that the soil is in good shape. Plants bought when the weather is harsh may look awkward and unhealthy, but the good news is the spring will make them look attractive and better. You will have beautiful and healthy flowers at a fraction of a cost that your neighbours will spend during when the season is up.


    Plan your Garden


    If you have a large area that seem costly to plant flowers, you can still make it look attractive by turning a portion of it into a kitchen garden. This will help to make it beautiful and provide daily food to keep your family healthy.


    Plant cheap plants


    Most homeowners make changes to their gardens during the summer, so look around and identify the best plants and flowers that your neighbours may want to do away with as they introduce new flowers.  Replacing flowers may not mean that they cannot be replanted elsewhere, especially if they are perennials.

    If you know of a friend or a neighbour who is considering replacing his or her garden flowers, ask for permission to pick the best seedlings to be transferred to your already prepared garden. You should care for these plants before the springs sets in to ensure they don’t die.

    These are a few incredible ways to make your garden look beautiful – without damaging your pockets. If you cannot find free flowers from around, you can still lock in the best prices for your selected flowers and plants. Make sure to shop around for the best offers in home improvement stores and commercial flower stores. This will help your yard a better sight for you, your family and guests. Try these tips out and you will realize just how they can be the cheapest options for your next home improvement project.

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