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  • 7 Garden and Home Articles We Love and Think You Will Too (09.10.2013)

    Posted on 11/10/13 by in Blog Round Ups

    Today I have a great line up of interesting and informative garden and home related blog posts from some great blogs.


    We’ve got more on gardens to visit, fruit trees, planting happiness, gardens in the sky and much more.


    Ready? Let’s take a look!



    Gardens to visit: Mapperton, Dorset


    In this great post from over on The Telegraph, Stephen Lacy talks about the stunning Mapperton gardens in Dorset.


    I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting yet, but it’s something that I plan to do in the near future.

    View Post

    Whether it’s the neoclassical orangery, blooming Begonias, the formal garden, the canal pools or any of the other stunning areas – I’m sure you’ll find this delightful.



    Turning Gourds into Art


    A very interesting post from, shows us how easy it is to take some paint and a gourd and create a striking ornament – truly a work of art.



    Planting Happiness


    This post comes from – possibly one of the most catchy blog names I’ve come across in a long while. Gayla’s Chinese Proverb inspired post contains some stunning photographs taken from her garden.



    Growing Your Own Soapnut Tree


    Growing a Soapnut tree (otherwise known as Sapindus Mukorossi) takes a lot of patience, 10 years of patience in fact.


    A truly great looking tree with a very practical use – soapnuts contain a compound that works very well for washing – something that has been used by both Native Americans and the native peoples in Asia for a good many years.



    2 Things to Know About Non-Standard Fruit Trees


    A very helpful post here from – if you are looking to grow a fruit or nut tree then you will definitely want to read this.




    Getting the Anglian Orangery Look


    The Anglian Home blog is always full of interesting and helpful posts; if you’ve not subscribed to the blog then I suggest that you do!


    This is a great look at the process that the head of exhibitions goes through to decide on the style and décor of the Anglian Home stands at exhibitions such as Grand Designs Live.


    The orangery in question does look stunning and thanks to Louie Watts for putting this together.



    Garden in the Sky: Test Tube Chandeliers from Poland


    Remodelista (and its sister site Gardenista) are always great for a bit of inspiration or a guide on how to do something amazing.


    Polish designer, Pani Jurek has created a stunningly simple yet very effective herb garden set in test tube styled chandeliers.


    I agree with Alexa’s comment on the post – I’ve never seen parsley look so good either.




    There you have it, some great reading to occupy yourself for a while.


    If you didn’t check out our last few posts such as stylish ideas for your garden and how to protect your garden against the winter weather then we’d love for you to take a look!


    Do you have anything to add? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.




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