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  • 7 Garden and Home Articles We Love and Think You Will Too (17.10.2013)

    Posted on 17/10/13 by in Blog Round Ups

    In today’s post I’ve got a great roundup for you, a veritable cacophony of tips, advice and inspiration for your garden and home.


    Let’s dig in…


    The Best Vegetables You’ll Ever Taste


    In this post over at Kendra Wilson takes us on a journey of some of the wonderful food being grown by Jane and Allan have been growing at Fern Verrow along with some great photographs taken by Howard Sooley.



    Revolution Road: A Ground-Breaking Kitchen in London


    This time we have a post from Gardenista’s sister site, Remodelista – show casing Alastair Hendy’s kitchen. I agree with Margot Guralnick who authored the post, when she says ‘we wouldn’t be surprised if someday Alastair Hendy’s Kitchen is declared a landmark’.


    Photographs for this post were taken by Matthew Williams who helps to bring the kitchen alive as Margot takes on a tour of this stunning kitchen.



    The Time Traveler’s Garden, By Way of Etsy


    Here we have another post from Gardenista, this time brought to us by Michelle Slatalla who shares some stunning pieces of botanical art with us.


    These genuinely look like something you would find hidden away in someone’s loft or attic, but to my amazement you can actually buy these collections from



    I am the secret midnight garden guzzler


    I have to admit that I only really read this article by Tim Richardson over on the Telegraph’s website because of the title, I was very curious to say the least.


    Tim takes us a trip through the night time garden of Villa Gamberaia and I completely agree that gardens do seem more authentic after dark.



    Insta-Every Day DIYShowOff Life


    Roeshel shares some stunning photo’s of what’s been happening behind her blog, a collection of DIY, gardening and landscape inspiration along with some creative ideas for Halloween.



    10 Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget


    Nathan Chandler from has put together a great collection of backyard landscaping ideas for us that won’t cost the earth.


    Some of these ideas include; picking the right plants, avoiding seedy salespeople, buying in bulk, developing recycling ideas but the one that stands out of course is ‘get down and dirty’, like Nathan says; digging, planting and other tasks take a lot of time so either going in full steam ahead and getting the work done can work well or recruiting family or friends to help.


    Once you’ve put the hard work in, you’ll be glad you did, after all – hard work and dedication is why the living walls and green screens that we build look so good and last for so long.


    There really is no substitute for hard work.


    11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips


    When you’ve put your heart and soul into crafting the landscape of your property, whether it be just focusing on the garden, fences, gates or everything; you’re going to want to show your friends and capture it on camera right?


    In this post, Darren Rouse, the founder of Digital Photography School shares some incredible tips to make your landscape photo’s look their best.





    So there you have it, 7 great garden, home and landscaping blog posts for you to take a look at, learn something new or hopefully be inspired.


    Have you had any other great finds recently or anything you’d like to share?


    We would love to hear about it in the comments below.




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