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  • 6 Reasons Why People Laugh At Your Garden

    Posted on 23/12/13 by in Blog

    Gardens – when well done – are beautiful places to relax and enjoy your surroundings. However, gardening can be tricky and not every garden is well kept.


    With everything that demands our attention nowadays, sometimes our gardens end up being last on the list. But when your garden falls into disrepair, your neighbours could be secretly chuckling to themselves about the embarrassment in your back yard. Here are 6 reasons that despite your good intentions, your garden may be the laughing stock of the street.

    1. Your Weeds Are As Tall As They Are


    Between long meetings at work, ball practice, and day to day household chores, you might not have found as much time as you needed to get out into the garden and pull weeds, or prune your plants. We get that. But after a few months of putting it off, your neighbours are tutting when they walk past your yard and your weeds are casting a shadow.


    The truth is, a lot of people avoid pruning because they aren’t sure how to do it right. It’s easy to get pruning wrong. A Way To Garden suggests that one of the easier pruning rules to follow is to follow the 3 D’s – removing any dead, damaged or diseased wood.


    2. You’ve Planted Too Early – Or, Too Late


    Maybe you’ve put off sprouting your seeds, and the next thing you know it’s the beginning of May. Perhaps your tiller was on the fritz and you didn’t get your plants in the ground before the end of June. Or maybe you got bit by the gardening bug in January and are trying to sow your sprouted seeds before Easter. Either way, any seasoned gardener who sees you sweating over your zucchini plants that haven’t put on yet in mid-October is going to have a laugh. Planting too early – or to late – could also prevent your plants from really coming into their own so you can fully enjoy them.


    The best way to make sure you’re planting on schedule is to check out the farmer’s almanac in your area. Even if you don’t hit the nail right on the head, you might at least get your green beans out before frost.


    3. There’s More Brown In Your Grass Than Green


    A brown lawn – or trees, flowers or shrubs for that matter – can make you the laughing stock of the entire neighbourhood. Okay, so maybe you’re just getting a snicker or two. Regardless, without care and attention, your green will soon dry out, wither and turn a very sad shade of brown. Not only is brown vegetation less than appealing, it also robs you of all the wonderful benefits of having a garden in the first place – such as enjoying fresher air with a higher o2 output, or being able to bring in a new bouquet of flowers for your table every few days.


    Watering your garden – and at the right time – can bring your garden back to life even in just a few days or weeks. So, grab the hose!


    4. Your Garden Is Sans Lighting


    Who can enjoy a garden on an evening stroll without good lighting? Evening is a popular time to take a walk around the block, or to sit in your garden and wind down at the end of the day. But when the neighbors pass your house and can’t figure out whether your Arborvitae is a bush, or someone breaking into your house.


    A stylish way to turn around your garden and keep the police from showing up at your door is to install lighting in your garden. But don’t settle for every day flood lamps. Why not set up something you can enjoy too? Try putting out a fire pit, or some mason jar string lights. If you want something a little more personalized, try making DIY outdoor lampshades from repurposed coffee cans.


    5. You’re Still Using Plastic Pool Chairs


    In many gardens, the seating is the focal point of the area. But if you haven’t updated your plastic pool chairs and replaced them with something a little more comfortable, few people are going to want to spend time outdoors when entertaining. In fact, you’ll probably spend less time there too. Swap old chairs for spacious, padded seating that will help you maximize your garden’s functionality.


    6. Your Bushes Are Bald


    Maybe you’re not forgetting about your garden, maybe getting out there a little too much. Are your shrubs bald? Have you gone tree trimming happy? Everyday Gardener has some great resources on how not to prune. Sometimes, it’s better to just let nature take her course.


    Your neighbours might not actually be laughing out loud at your garden, but if you’ve nodded your head at any of the above garden disasters, it might be time to re-invent your garden – or at least give it a little sprucing up.



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